I suggest to you that this question approaches
the core of what it means to be human.
I think there are four broad answers to this
question, together with four defining adjectives,
and four corresponding modes of love:
~ we belong to ourselves —– selfish —– self-love
~ we belong to the tribe —– loyal —– love of
one’s kin
~ we belong to humanity —– respectful —– love
of all people
~ we belong to God —– sacred —– unconditional
I want to suggest that how we answer this crucial
question, whether explicitly or implicitly, will
determine our core values, and how we live our
daily lives. It will give character to who we are.
And I believe we do actually answer this
question, each one of us falling into one of these
four broad categories.


Here to stay

Been long I did this, but no I’m here to stay…let’s as a family share, talk and impact.


The now

I am using ds medium 2 appreciate ol my dudes who stood by me snc d begini of that yr til d 1st day in this yr 2015).Pls do not mind my abbrevs,I’m not all that sound you know.U kpt me busy wn I wz idle,gentle wn I wz offensive&I also apologise 2 dos who hissed&gt upset wn I change dps&pms,(its not kuku a crime 2 b dope,)2 dos frnds occupying space,tnkin ure 2 big smh=]y I’m sorry I left you in 2014(iron sharpeneth iron).dos dt h bn my antagonist in terms of my dps&pms,its nt kuku my fault,blame my mom  ;-).2 dos dt hv bn stealing my dps,ife lo Wa nbe,I pray we’ll b alive 2 continue ds business.